Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Roseridge Landfill Goes Circular with New Recycle Depot Made of Recycled Materials

Roseridge Waste Commission operates a regional facility that serves six municipalities in Alberta, Canada. It provides secure disposal of non-hazardous waste, as well as recycling and composting services. The site is currently undergoing a major upgrade to build a new recycle depot that will increase its capacity and efficiency. The buildings will be constructed using recycled materials, such as brick, wood, and concrete. This will reduce the environmental impact of the project and demonstrate the site's commitment to sustainability. Everyone involved in the project is excited to be part of this innovative and green initiative that will benefit the community and the environment for years to come.

Did you know?

Construction materials, such as concrete, drywall, cabinetry and lumber, make up approximately one third of the waste Canadians send to landfills every year.

Roseridge is adopting a number of Circular economy practices in our sustainable construction.

  • Our shop will be a prefabricated building to minimize waste through factory construction
  • Our office/scale house interior finishings will incorporate recycled and donated products sourced locally from our residents
  • Our buildings will be designed for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Our old buildings will either be deconstructed or reused


Do you have unwanted or surplus building supplies that you can donate to Roseridge for our construction.

Residents who want to giveaway unwanted or surplus building supplies are being encouraged to donate to Roseridge for our construction.

Watch for updates and the list of material may change from time to time

  • Crushed concrete will be used in a gabion wall system to create natural insulation
  • Wood doors, ceramic or porcelain tiles, and pallet wood will be used for a wall finishings

Crushed Concrete

Cabinet doors

Pallet Wood

A New Recycle Depot is coming soon

Here's a map of our proposed plan. Click here to download a larger copy.

Recycle Depot

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