Monday, September 26, 2022

User Fee Review

Commission facilities and services are fully funded by revenues from User Fees and Charges with no property tax support.

Effective January 1, 2021 Roseridge Commission implemented a minimum weight for all residential loads to the Redwater Transfer Station and the Landfill.

All loads 125 kg or less will have 125 kg assessed against their permit with each visit to either the transfer station or the landfill.

The Roseridge Commission completed a cost of service study in 2019 and fiscal policy in 2020.  Roseridge is committed to providing quality, sustainable service levels at the transfer station and landfill.  Periodic review and update of user fees is based on factors such as inflation, operating costs, service level changes and regulatory requirements.  

Residents do not have to accumulate their waste and come when they have 125 kg.

Loads of recycling will be charged in the same manner. 

Roseridge Fiscal Policy Priorities

The following priorities are established to guide the development of Roseridge’s fiscal policies

  1. Roseridge will be fiscally operated in a manner that:
    1. Ensures the long-term availability of economical waste disposal for its members; and
    2. Promotes customer service and safety for all its customers and employees.
  2. Roseridge will adopt financial management practices that achieve long-term financial sustainability.
  3. Roseridge will adopt financial planning and rate-making practices that focus on long-term, year-to-year rate stability for its members.
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